I worked with Kristin Bartone Interiors to redo our bathroom. Kristin was very professional and a delight to work with. She was great about working within our budget, and I love the result! Kristin was able to suggest which existing elements we could keep (thus cutting some expenses), and was able to coach me on how to perform some of the work myself. Kristin’s sense of color is excellent. At first I wasn’t sure about some of her suggestions, wondering “should we just paint it a neutral, like white?” but I love the colors she recommended, and the contrast really made things “pop.” In the end, it saved me a lot of time as I wasn’t doing “trial and error,” and just did the work once. Our bathroom looks totally refreshed, all for a very reasonable price tag!   Sara Skinner, October 2015

I am the general contractor on a large, unique residential project that’s being built somewhat like a commercial building. Kristin was hired by the owner to help with the selection of finishes including cabinetry, flooring, paint & light fixtures. By far the most difficult & complicated of these is the lighting. Kristin has worked closely with the architect, owner, my electrical subcontractor and myself to create a complete package of lighting at an approved cost. Further, she has exercised due diligence by repeated site visits to confirm the lighting package along with the electrical layout. The same is true for the other finishes. I’ve found Kristin to be a professional and a pleasure to work with.  Jim Force, June 2016

I manage an architectural firm in Chapel Hill North Carolina.  We have had the good fortune to be teamed with Kristin on a contemporary residential project.  Kristin’s attention to detail, ability to take the architectural scheme and interpret it throughout the interior design, her overall thoroughness, her creative solutions in making sure that the correct products and materials have been selected and are in keeping with the owner’s budget has made this project a success.   Richard Gurlitz, October 2016

Fantastic advisor for our fixer-upper!  We’ve got a house last November that originally is built in 1956 and we needed interior design advisor in order to improve.  As soon as Kristin entered the house the ideas were rushing – details neither of us with my husband nor our immediate family coming to enjoy our new purchase were thinking of.  Kristin is truly seeing the huge potential of this oldie! We are still working – slowly getting where Kristin is guiding us to go and the results are fantastic!  Kristin is fantastic – we would not have done it without her help!   Daniela Miteva-Koistinen, December 2016

Kristin really went the extra mile to understand what we were looking for (in our kitchen remodel).  By working with her, I am confident that we have saved ourselves a huge amount of time and energy in what can be a very daunting undertaking.   Nicole Kempton, March 2017